Friday, 4 September 2015

What Went Down: Foals- Album Review

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana
By now you probably know my blog pretty well. At the moment I only review the music I enjoy and I listen to which is the point in this blog; sharing my taste in music, what it is that I listen to so that hopefully I can inspire you to find some bands or a song that you, the reader might enjoy too.
I just feel that its completely unnecessary to slag bands off for their work.

So with no further a do, let me tell you that foals new album is something pretty bloody special!
I've probably listened to it around 8 times now, both me and my boyfriend. 
I am just absolutely besotted with it.

Admittedly I sort of delayed listening to it, I don't know if its just me but it felt like it came out really soon after Holy Fire which I usually don't like if I feel like a band has rushed it but in this case, it doesn't sound like that at all. 
I feel like at this point in Foals's career they are finding their feet their album sounds so confident and sure of itself. Opener: 'What Went Down' is just full proof of that.
I think they've always been a band that you can identify by the sound of their guitar, vocals and bass that type of thing but listening to this album I found myself saying "that's just so Foals" in a good way, not a predictable type of way.
In this album you hear little bits from each of their albums in particular Antidotes and TLF. 
Its got the sort of summer, deep type songs like on TLF and the more playful and dance-y side from antidotes and Holy Fire. 

Pardon the pun but this album does just gives it all. 
You can completely imagine the songs being played live. I love that there is a bit of everything in there for your cup of tea. 'What Went Down' 'Snake Oil' and 'Night Swimmers' give the harder, dancer and more moshing type vibe during a gig and thankfully they provide the more slower and much needed break in their sets for songs like 'London Thunder' because anyone knows that when you go to a Foals gig its like nothing else the atmosphere is crazy.

At the moment 'Birch Tree' is my favourite there is just an indescribable emotion about it.
 I think in one song it just sums up exactly the reason why I love Foals it's dreamy and summery and Yannis's vocals in it are just simply stunning. 

The rise in 'Give It All' is something else too, its so impactful the beat and the sound reminds me of the power in Florence And The Machine songs. 

Snake oil completely projects the angrier, and more grittier side to Foals listening to this I thought it sounded familiar to The Black Keys which in my eyes is not a bad thing whatsoever. I think its different for them its a different sound but it works so well. 

I've also been loving 'A Knife In The Ocean' this is again another song, that I don't want to keep making comparisons to but sounds like something from Antidotes especially if you listen right to the ending. It's incredibly catchy!

I can remember listening to their other albums and saying it's incredibly perfect I don't think they could quite possibly make anything better. Then they come out with another one that just blows the other out the water. I know I gush so much on these reviews but I mean it when I say this album is beautiful in every way, shape and form. I just love every single thing about it. 
So for that reason I'm giving it a 


but you go judge for yourself and I challenge you to say any different. 

* all reviews are my personal opinion

Monday, 3 August 2015

Tame Impala- Currents Album Review

"I am officially dubbing this album the soundtrack to your summer."

It's impossible not to close your eyes and pretend your on a sandy beach, floating in a swimming pool or sipping cocktails by the sea (at least that's what I do anyway) 
There's just something about it that just literally sends shivers down your spine.

First track Let It Happen is 7 minutes 48 seconds of absolute perfection. 
It is such an album opener claiming a statement before it's even properly begun. Eventually and 'Because I'm A Man' are other highlights for me.
Their direction for this album is completely different to their first and I love that, I've always adored how different they are and in the way they sound but honestly for this album I just can't put into words how perfect it is, it's really something else. It's almost like looking at a completely different band.
I actually really like the fact there isn't anything heavier on the album, such as last album with 'Elephant' that is one heck of a tune but I just feel this album didn't need something like that it just speaks for itself. 
A bit Empire of the Sun/ Daft Punk I get from it (personally) and that's just a recipe for sunshine in itself. 
One more slightly random thing I have to say about this album is there's actually quite a few explicit ones on their and usually seeing that you'd expect something heavier and angrier but really it's more  sly swearing; something that's actually quite enjoyable don't ask why its just wasn't heard first time around. 
Anyway I'm giving this a 10 out of 10 which to some might seem like a big statement but right now I just can't stop playing it. And it might not be to everyone's taste but this album has something special that I know is going to stick around in my mind for a long while.
Now I just need to see them live! 


* all reviews are my personal opinion

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Latitude Festival 2015

This year I attended my first proper festival! Latitude Festival! 
Now by this point I have probably talked about it on every social media platform I can think of but on here I really wanted to focus on the music side of things because after all that is what festivals are all about in my opinion! So I thought I'd give you a run down on each act I seen at the weekend and hopefully you can find some new bands you might not of heard of and if not just completely gush over them like I like to do. 

Wild Beasts

These played on the first day (Friday) and I have wanted to see them for SO long I've been a follower of them for a long time but the chance never arose to see them. 
So when I found out they were performing here I was ecstatic. Their voices really surprised me to how they sound exactly like they do on their albums so beautiful, honestly the range to how these sing really is astounding! 


Were probably one of the most high energy acts I seen all weekend the atmosphere for these was something else, the vibe they give off from their music is so good! In all honesty I only truly knew 2 or 3 of their songs. It was my boyfriend that wanted to see them and it's really made me get into them more because they are just such a dance-y and actually very clubby band! 

Alt- J

Were incredible this was actually my first time seeing these too, and another band that I've waited so long to see. Everything about them was stunning the atmosphere was beautiful everyone singing along and enjoying their music. You could tell how much it meant to them being there and getting that headline slot. I had a lot of fun dancing to these throughout.

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are a band that has been massively hyped at the moment usually I'll give bands like that a listen and say sorry not for me (ahem Slaves, sorry just don't get the hype) for these though I love them. 
Her vocals are amazing they can change a song from being soft and gentle to completely changing it to a rock song, heavy and grungy. My favourite at the moment is Blush I have completely fell in love with that song.

The Vaccines 

The Vaccines I am dubbing as the band that made me lose my voice for the rest of the weekend. I think I actually went mental for these again another band I have never seen Live but one of my absolute favourites! 
They performed all their hits with many from their last album, opening with Handsome was just a recipe for a high energy, fun show! At the end they let of confetti to Norgaard which was just everything they also performed 'Melody Calling' which shocked me slightly as this is one of my favourite songs from them! So good ahh!


The most fun band I've probably ever seen, you could just tell the amount of fun they were having! Half way through the lead singer gave out fortune cookies for the front row which was the cutest thing ever. They also preformed covers and came out to the audience so it felt really intimate, I think they had such a perfect spot on Sunday really gave out such a happy vibe and lots of room to dance! Also after watching these I want to become a backing singer, the girls looked like they were having the most fun!

Years and Years

 I was probably the most excited for these.
I am just gushing for these boys at the moment they are doing so well especially in the album charts! They have came so far since I listened to them when they were just starting out and to see now how huge they've became is amazing! 
Their show was full of songs off their album so guaranteed a sing along for everyone. Olly's vocals are so beautiful!

Jose Gonzalez

Had such a sun drenched set on stage his sound similar to Ben Howard such a beautiful voice! Such a relaxed atmosphere too really so beautiful! 

Adult Jazz

I have loved for so long, so I had to make time to see these! They played in the woods so it was a beautiful set up, they said during their set that this was the first time in playing for a long time and you could tell they were trying to make it a good one. They also said they are working on new stuff which is all very exciting (you heard it here first!!)
I just love everything about these I really do, such a friendly band and the atmosphere was another that felt really intimate. 

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

What a way to end a festival with Noel Gallagher headlining, the atmosphere was something I couldn't even describe you could just feel the warmth from his fans for him and every lyric was just sang along to word for word. It really was something else.
A lot of his set was actually Oasis songs which was surprising to everyone I think but they went down a storm, ending with Don't Look Back In Anger. 
He also talked a lot in between his songs which is something I love about bands when you actually feel as though they are connecting with you and really appreciating being there.

If anyone reading has wanted to go to this festival or liked the look of it, I'd recommend it to anyone the vibe you get here is just different to other places. There's a friendly atmosphere and something about it that is just cleaner. It's also in a place that usually means good weather too! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Vaccines- English Graffiti Album Review

So i'm like the tiniest bit behind with this album review but I felt it was one that needed doing because since the lead up to it coming out and after I have just fell deeper and deeper in love with it.
From the moment it begins to finishing it is such an energy filled, loud and incredibly upbeat album. Even down to the slower more fist pump type just perfection.
It stays true to the work The Vaccines have done before and I have to say this is the best they have ever done, don't get me wrong I love all the old favourites 'Norgaard, Teenage Icon, Wetsuit' but this feels so much more new and slightly different to what they have brought out before, I'm even quite controversial in the fact that I preferred even their last album to their first but that is just a personal opinion.
The album kicks off with Handsome which was probably the song that I almost immediately fell in love with I mean how could you not after the immediate start 'Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, oh god, oh god they're gonna eat me up for breakfast' and I completely love the wit and humour that comes with their lyrics.
Personally the first 4 songs are absolutely flawless and are my favourites off the album and even after then the songs stand so strong with others like 'Denial and Radio Bikini' 
Whilst writing this I listening to it and I honestly just want to gush how bloody good it is, ahhhhhh! I could literally just keep adding to list of songs I love off of it.

In the week of The Vaccines releasing 'English Graffiti' I had the absolute pleasure of meeting them at a in store signing in Birmingham.
I wish I could tell you that I had an amazing chat with them about how bloody incredible and amazing their new album is but truth it I was so ridicuously nervous I got each to sign my album without muttering too much. However I got a lovely photo with Justin, they are all such lovely lovely people and were even apolgetic after being stuck in hours of traffic!
I waited a total of 3 and a half hours to see them, I tell you now it was so worth it.

My boyfriend however did manage to speak to them, and Justin said he is very pleased with the outcome of this album and I think to quote them themselves I'd give this a 20/20


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gig Review: The Maccabees

The Maccabees for me have been a band who I've loved ever since getting into indie music they are completely up there for me so seeing them live was like 'a dream come true' ahh. Cheesy I know.
They are another band with new music on the horizon so seeing them and getting to hear some new stuff was really special and let me tell you that it really hasn't disappointed, from what I heard and I still don't know what it will sound like on album but it is sounding so good.
 I shouted to my boyfriend on the night that I 'really like this one' I really cannot wait for the album to come out now!
I think another thing about gigs that makes them really special is when the singer/band interacts with the audince Orlando is a perfect example of that and It was such a nice insight he gave into the reasons behind a song or the way the set was I think that just makes the experience even more treasured. 
I was quite far back at this gig admittedly (I honestly didn't think they could fit any more in the room!!) And I am quite small anyway but when it comes to gigs I am literally a midget but it didn't pull me away any less from the atmosphere from where I was standing I had a good view of Felix anyway ahem. 
The setlist was a perfect mix of old and new and some old that popped up I didn't even expect them to preform like X-ray and Latchmere.
Personal favourites though were 'Feel to follow' 'No Kind Words' and of course 'Pelican' I think they know themselves the songs the fans want to hear the whole time the atmosphere was kept so heightened and there really was this exciting feeling whilst they were playing.

The Setlist

Wall Of Arms
Feel To Follow 
Love You Better 
Young Lions
WW1 Portraits
Precious Time
Can You Give It 
Marks To Prove It 
Spit It out
No Kind Words
Grew Up At Midnight


Forever I've Known
Something Like Happiness

Gig Review: Ben Howard

I think for any band or singer that plays an arena they have to be something; be big enough to do that, have the voice and the songs.
Ben Howard has all of them, and let me just say his voice will fill up an arena like no other. I have never been taken away or left feeling breathless like what I did after his gig, his voice is amazing.
The set was also like nothing I'd seen before; the visuals and the way that it flowed almost like a story it made you feel the emotion the way the song had been written to make you feel. 
It was perfectly put together.
I will say on the downside he didn't play Only Love which is probably my favourite song of his and really the one I spent the night waiting for however he did preform 'I forget where we were' which i love anyway but the way he sang it really made me take in the lyrics it almost brought me to tears. Other highlights were also 'End of the affair' and 'Conrad'
Honestly its not very often that you will go to a gig and the voice of the singer will sound exactly like it does on record and I cant do nothing but just praise and praise Ben. 
His playing ability on guitar is just something else. 
And I know I sound like a complete fan girl right now but I'm just going to go with that. 

The Setlist

Am I your light?
In dreams
Small Things
I forget where we were
Time is dancing
Rivers in your mouth
Keep your head up
Everytime the sun comes up (Cover)
She treats me well
Black Flies
All is now harmed
The fear
End of the affair


The Wolves

Gig Review: Hot Chip

So this is quite an overdue post, but remembering and reminiscing about gig events i've been to is something I love to do and after starting this blog its something I'd like to do more often, to give me a chance to look back at gigs I've been to and share the memories with other people.

I've been in love with Hot Chips music for a while and about 2 summers ago I pretty much listened to them non stop. I always said from that point that when they tour (and I have someone that wants to watch them too) I will go see them. 
So soon as the tickets went on sale I brought some, it came around quite quickly. When I went to see them their album hadn't came out yet so it was exciting to hear some new stuff but also hear some of their other older songs. 
They really didn't disappoint and on the night there was this really clubby, dancy vibe which i feel like came more from their new stuff like Huarache Lights and Why Make Sense they sounded so good live. 
And I have to say I equally love their voices but Joe Goddard sounds amazing both on record and live, I love the sound he brings to the music.
I think if you ever get the chance go see them go, because they are so quirky and literally like the coolest you won't leave the gig feeling anything other than energetic and in such a good mood.

The setlist 

Dont deny your heart
One Life Stand
Night & Day
And I was a boy from school
Love Is the future
Over and Over 
Huarache Lights
Ready for the floor
I feel better


Let me be him
Why make sense?
Look at where we are